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3C Collective believes in our clients' message. We know their purpose. We pursue their cause passionately and with purpose to ensure their voice is heard in the political arena. That's what makes us unique.


We know it's difficult to navigate the state and local political landscape while also being socially responsible and staying true to your organization's and causes core mission and values. We're on your side, every time.


At 3C Collective, we exclusively work for the most underrepresented organizations that are working on the ground for the most marginalized in our communities. We support political candidates that are devoted to their communities and challenging the status quo.


We provide services, such as social media management, to teaching intersectionality in the workplace, to developing interpersonal and innovative campaign strategies to make sure our client's voice is amplified


Let's make a connection and together we'll work with passion and purpose for a more progressive and forward-moving today, not tomorrow.


Our Services

Campaign Management